Only 50 Tickets!

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Only 50 Tickets!
Only 50 Tickets-cover.jpg
ArtistBedlam Max
Release Type EP
Catalog Number HVRF-CC 012
Bandcamp Album
Release Date May 17, 2016
Tracks 7
Length 7:02
Tags world; bedlam; circusvapor; cirkusvapour; hard cirkus; hardcircus; hardvapour; maustive; psychopathvapour; pyramid scheme; sold out in 5 minutes
Status Online
Bedlam Max

Only 50 Tickets! is an EP released by Bedlam Max and published through H.V.R.F. CENTRAL COMMAND.


# Track Length
1 Roll up, roll up! 0:57
2 Only 50 tickets! 1:03
3 Available for a limited time only! 1:05
4 Come and see! 1:15
5 Follow me, kids! 0:54
6 Don't peek inside! 0:21
7 Buy or die! 1:27


Roll up, roll up! Follow me! Come this way! Only 50 tickets available! Run to the gate and grab your ticket before someone else does! What's inside? Nobody knows! Roll up, kids and come and see what's inside! Get one of 50 limited tickets! Only available for a limited time! What's inside? Come and find out! No peeking behind the curtain! Buy your ticket or miss out! Buy now available only for a limited time! Come here! Don't go over there! Roll up, roll up!!

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